Connecting with and learning from some of Australia’s greatest champions of female leadership.

The inaugural Fantastic Female Leadership conference is the brainchild of well known leadership consultant, Maryanne Mooney. An advocate for the unique contribution of female leaders, Maryanne has dedicated her career to uncovering and empowering effective, authentic leadership.

Over a full day, you will have the chance to hear from and connect with some of Australia’s most influential champions of female leadership – from best-selling authors to start up champions; leaders of not-for-profits to listed companies.  Share in their own journeys and insights and learn how best to lead in your own authentic style. 

Get inspired to better influence others and outcomes;
Increase your positive impact at work, home and in the community;
And emerge with a roadmap to achieve your full potential as a fantastic female.

At a time when we are facing declining confidence in our global leaders, how is it, as females, that we can step up and make a change. There is a national drive to increase gender representation on Boards and in management roles – how can we meet this shift and lift the collective standard of leadership in our country? 

Join Maryanne and a suite of some of Australia’s greatest champions of female leadership as we re-examine what it means to lead as a female today, avoiding the pitfalls of mimicking Alpha male behaviour; acting like school prefects and conscientious good girls or being overly deferential and apologetic.

Take charge of your leadership future, learn how best to make a change and at the same time support the imperative work Senhoa Foundation does in combatting the human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women. 

100% of the profits from the conference will be donated to Senhoa Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation through empowerment, advocacy and prevention. Currently Senhoa’s work is in Siem Reap where we have a social business and a preschool. Our jewellery provides safe and dignified employment for at-risk women and survivor artisans.

By purchasing and wearing our brand, consumers raise awareness against modern slavery. We also work with the poorest communities in Siem Reap to give children a solid start through a pre-school program and community support. 100% of profits from our social business supports education and early intervention initiatives to protect and strengthen underprivileged communities.